October 31, 2008

TS515 video clip

Read more about the EDON TS515 Traing Scull, including pricing, if you want to learn to row in a boat that is both rewarding, safe and very affordable in the credit-crunched world in which we now live.

To order simply phone +44 (0) 870 770 2728.

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October 15, 2008

Baked Boats

Here is a glimpse of how TS515 training sculls are made.

The garden of EDON where TS515 training sculls are grown.

They are baked in a rotating oven, that gigantic machine at the back of the factory! It is a process called rota moulding and the inital investment is huge but once done the process is cheap an reliable.

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London Youth Rowing

London Youth Rowing trust has invested in fifteen TS515 training sculls.

Fifteen TS515 training sculls being delivered to the London Regatta Centre in Docklands

The boats were delivered last month and already they are hoping to buy a second batch as they have been so successful for teaching youngsters.

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