June 18, 2008

Rowing Around Belle Ile

I am leaving for France tomorrow to go and row around Belle Ile in a Yole over the weekend! I'll still be contactable most of the time on my mobile 07985 043 981 and will pick up messages but not emails until my return on Wednesday.

The next container load of TS515 trainsing sculls is due to arrive from Australia on Monday 23rd June and there are only a few boats unallocated so if you want one please contact me on the phone and send your order together with payment. I have orders in the pipeline that could arrive at any time and so it is first come, first served. Meantime EDON are building up their stock ready for the next consignment, which, incidentally, will be at least 10% more expensive - another good reason to buy now.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 05:09 PM

June 16, 2008

Silver medal

I won a silver medal with my crew yesterday at the National Veterans Rowing Regatta. If I can't blow my own trumpet on my own web site, where can I?

We were racing in E quad sculls (Vet E 4x) for crews with an average age of, at least, 55 but we doubled up in D (over 50s) too and aquitted oursleves there by hanging onto the coat tails of the younger crews. Indeed we finished only half a length behind Tideway Scullers School, one of the top clubs in the kingdom, if not THE top club for sculling. Next event will be Henley Veterans' Regatta in Mid July.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 12:54 PM

June 08, 2008

New Hermes Red Yole colour

There are two new colours for the Yole Custom.

1. Mediterranean Blue, which is a lighter shade than the French Navy Blue that we used to offer and is featured on the main page for the Yole.

2. Hermes Red which is a little more understated than the Ferrari Red. Here are a couple of pictures of one taken in Venice, an ideal place for a Yole.

I am very pleased to say that we are as busy as ever with orders for this ever popular boat.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 08:54 PM

Next delivery of TS515 training sculls

The next container is due to arrive from Australia on 22nd June. It then has to be unloaded from the ship and clear customs. There will be 28 boats in this container but over 2/3 of them are already allocated so if you want any then please place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 07:22 PM