April 09, 2008

Cross Channel Row

I've just received these photos of the channel crossing in a yole by Paul Milnthorpe and James Houlton in June 2007.

Leaving Dover Harbour Water, water all around and not a drop to drink. (Ancient Mariner - Coleridge) Sea State - calm. Ideal conditions.

As you can see the chose their day carefully. Perfect conditions.

Ship ahoy! And another one. Land ho!

These two lads should be an inspriation to all of us. They had never rowed before they bought their yole and yet within a matter of a few months, really, they had rowed 22 miles across the English Channel. And in a very respectable time too! Only 5 hours & 56 minutes.

In August they plan to row in the Eddystone Challenge in Cornwall before undertaking the trans-atlantic row at the end of 2009.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 05:43 PM