April 13, 2007

Happy YOLE customer

Hi Steve,

Just had the most fantastic 10 days or so in SW Ireland with the boat.
To say I am delighted with it would be an understatement - it was just
brilliant. We had the boat set up for two rowers most of the time, but
there were many occasions when I went out for rows of 7 - 10 miles on
almost perfect sea conditions - the sea wasn't always calm but it
didn't take long to feel quite comfortable in choppy seas. It was what
I had always wanted to be able to do - just set out from the house and
head off. The advantage of the sea is that there are so many places to
visit, orI could just sit out in the middle of the bay and take in the
spectacular scenery around you - not to mention the countless seals and
even otters you could get close to. I am now also much fitter!!!!
I went on longer trips with a canoeist who took some great photos. The
tides were right early in the morning which meant for cold starts but
only til the sun rose higher in the sky! A great time had by all.

I am having difficulties sending photos with this e mail - I hope I
have compressed them enough for you to receive them.

Thanks for a great boat and for getting me totally hooked on rowing! I
have always rowed lobster boats etc but this experience was far better
and more rewarding. I just need to find time to get out there as much
as possible now!


Posted by Stephen Walker at 03:21 PM