September 24, 2006

TS515 success

I sold 10 TS515 training sculls during the Southampton International Boat Show and there were a great many visitors who expressed interest in the boat. It stopped many passers by in their tracks and one person remarked that I certainly continue to introduce innovative boats. Bear in mind that the show is almost exclusively about sailing and motor-boating.

If you want to buy a TS515 then please order quickly. The first container load is now sold out with orders pending for some of the next container load already. Please order early to avoid delay and disappointment.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:09 PM

September 18, 2006

TS515 at Southampton Boat Show

I am currently displaying the EDON TS515 training scull at the Southampton International Boat Show alongside the VirusBoats MAGNUM 21S sports trimaran. Come along and see it on STAND B091 in the small boats area. Then order one! If you give me enough warning by phone (07 985 043 981) then you can take one away with you, at a discount, as we store them in Southampton.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 09:46 PM

September 17, 2006

Grosvenor RC set new record

The Grosvenor Rowing Club Masters crew that I have been coaching for the last month or so took half an hour off the Vet C eights record for the Boston Marathon today. This annual event, usually held on Battle of Britain Day, is a gruelling 31 miles from Lincoln to Boston (on the Wash) along the River Witham involving a portage past a lock, about 10 miles into the race.

The crew knew they were doing well because they managed to pass a staggering 65 crews along the way and finished 2nd overall being beaten only by an elite crew of scullers in an octuple. Reducing the record time for their age group from 4 hrs to just 3 hrs 31 mins is an outstanding achievement.

When asked how the rowing went, Mike Allwood, who rowed at 5, reported that it was great in first part but deteriorated a little when it started to get painful!

Posted by Stephen Walker at 08:09 PM

September 08, 2006

New hatch and boat cover for Yole

VirusBoats have announced a new hatch option that may be fitted to fibreglass Yoles, the Class or the Custom. It is white rather than black and its rectangular shape lends itself more readily to storing tents and sleeping bags etc. down below.

Also available is a smart PVC boat cover for the Yole. Although it is a boat and is designed to keep out water anybody who has ever stored one outside under a tree will know that rainwater from trees is dirty and sticky and that birds often sit in trees and we all know what they do. The cover is designed for trailing and will keep the deck of your pride and joy free of road dirt when on the road behind your car.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 06:11 PM