April 03, 2006

Racing debut for TS515 training scull

The TS515 appeared at Northwich Head of the River Race on Saturday. This was not only a racing debut for the boat but for its crew, Sue Wine. Sue raced for the very first time in a open event in Women's novice sculls representing Grosvenor Rowing Club. She could have raced as a Vet E Novice but there would have been no opposition. Sue had fallen into the River Dee from her own fine boat during February and lost a bit of confidence so the TS515 was an ideal boat for her to race in and get her confidence back.

The following wind was strong but in the same direction as the current, which was also unusually strong for the River Weaver, so the conditions were not too rough. Nothing like the boat race!

I have just uploaded a web site dedicated to this NEW TS515 training scull from Australia. Have a look.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 12:19 PM