February 27, 2006

New Training Scull Launched at Birmingham Show

Ahoy-Boats launched the new Australian TS515 at the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show at the NEC in Birmingham last week. Interest was strong and the first European sales were made to Ross Rowing Club amongst others.

Look at this Dad.

The boat combines the stability of a wider boat with the responsiveness of a proper racing boat so that novices may immediately experience the thrill of propelling a lightweight fine boat without the usual associated fear of falling in at the first opportunity.

The stabilisers may be easily removed once the skill of sculling has been mastered.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 04:00 PM

February 13, 2006

First Impressions of new Rowing Boat

Over the weekend I had the first opportunity to try the new TS 515 training scull from EDON of Perth, Australia and it lived up to my expectations. It immediately felt comfortable to scull in, always a good sign. I tried letting go of the handles and rocking the boat from side to side (something that is absolutely impossible in a racing boat) and was reassured by the buoyancy of the stabilisers. They are sufficient for the job of reassurance whilst offering very little resistance to motion in a forward direction. They look reassuring and I was able to encourage into the boat a novice rower who had never before been in a single scull. Indeed she was asking for a go in it, as were several others, despite the rain! The floats swept aside her fear and she simply got on with the business of mastering rowing with an oar in each hand without having to worry about falling in because of a little mistake.

I also tried going fast and was not surprised to find that this slim boat has a great turn of speed in experienced hands. I would be quite happy to forgo an outing in my racing boat and take to the water for an hour or two in the TS515. It is very rewarding to scull. Everything is in the right place. It is stiff and light. Light enough for me to pick it up and carry it on my shoulder without any drama at all.

Rigging and derigging were a dream. I had the boat off my car roof and on the water in less than five minutes. The quick release system for the rigger is simple, quick and efficient. The rigger is adjustable in span so that it can be set up for especially small or especially tall scullers. I just left it on the middle setting and got on with it and it was fine. The gates are fully adjustable pitch too. Despite its sophistication the rigger is really lightweight, even with the stabilisers on it.

The stretcher was set at the perfect angle. This is a bone of contention with many racing boats that I have been in. There is seldom enough scope for adjustment of the stretcher but EDON have got it exactly right and it was easy to reach forward and the slides for the double action seat did not dig into the back of my legs like it usually does in most racing boats.

EDON have got it right. I am sure that this innovative boat will be a great success.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 02:24 PM