January 19, 2006

NEW TS 515 Training Scull

Ahoy-Boats has been appointed sole importer for the EDON TS515 TRAINING SCULL from Australia.

This is an exciting, innovative boat in line with all of the boats that we sell. It is made from durable modern materials, has removable stabilisers (turning it into a mini rowing trimaran for those learning to scull) and quick release riggers for easy transport and storage.

I have one being flown over for the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show at the NEC, Birmingham, which takes place 18th-26th February 2006. Come and see us there and place your order.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 05:06 PM

January 16, 2006

NEW Turbo II Classic with DISCOUNT

Sliding seat
Pair of Racing 300 sculls
2006 price for boat and sculls together is be 1,530 including VAT.

AVAILABLE at the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show at the NEC, Birmingham. The show takes place between 18th and 26th Feb 2006.

If you order this boat now and collect it at the show there will be a DISCOUNT of 175 to save us double handling this boat and storing it. If we have to take it home from the show and/or have it delivered to you there will be NO discount.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 03:22 PM

Ex-demo Turbo II Classic for sale

Ex-demo Turbo II Classic
Sliding seat
Pair of aluminium Sport 300 sculls
This boat has given good service and is still in excellent condition and good working order. It has never had any failures of any sort. The 2006 price for a Turbo II Classic and sculls together would be 1430 including VAT. This boat is for sale now at the bargain price of 695 ex-Chester. An excellent buy for somebody.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 03:15 PM

New rowing Price List available

The 2006 VirusBoats price list is now available. To gain access to this please contact us. I like to know that you are enquiring about the boats I sell and, if possible, to have a chat with you about them.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 01:43 PM

January 11, 2006

Master Class at NEWI

I've been invited to make a presentation about high level coaching to final year students at NEWI in Wrexham tomorrow, Thursday, so I will not be in the office in the morning.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:33 PM