April 30, 2005

Had a great row today

What a treat to get out on calm water with no wind and no river traffic. I sculled from my club, Grosvenor Rowing Club, up my local river, the Dee, to Eccleston Ferry and back in my racing boat, a total of about 7 miles. Manchester University was away at the British Universities regatta. The King's School, Chester were away at Wallingford Regatta. Many other people were away for the bank holiday weekend so we had the river virtually to ourselves.

It was bliss. I sculled so well. The quality of the feedback that one gets from the boat is so much better in conditions like this that it is possible to become completely at one with the boat and to make it run really sweetly. It is such a pleasure. It reminds us of why we so love this sport. You do not have to race or even to go particularly fast. The pleasure of gliding through the water in a fine boat is reward enough.

Sue, my fiancée, was out in a Turbo II Classic and she too had a great scull up to Eccleston. It has just set us up for a great weekend.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 05:36 PM

April 14, 2005

Off to Latvia

I'm off to Latvia 15th to 20th April. I'll have my mobile with me. See sailing WEBlog for details.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:06 PM