March 24, 2006

See TS515 on the Thames this Weekend

I shall be going to London this weekend because the Head of the River Race takes place at 11.30 on Saturday and the Veteran's Head of the River Race is on Sunday. THE HORR is as big an eights race as they come with 420 crews so there is bedlam on the water and on the surrounding roads.

I shall be taking the TS515 Training Scull with me so here is an opportunity to see this exciting new boat if you want. I have no firm plan for displaying the boat on Saturday. Most likely place is after the race at Putney but there is chaos in this area and so I may not be able to get there. Probably best to phone me on my mobile on 07 985 043 981 to find out where I am with it.

Feel Free to come and have a go Stabiliser detail

The Thames is a big river and competitors take to the water from a wide variety of places and I may not be able to put the TS515 where I plan to put it. Probably again best to phone me on my mobile on 07 985 043 981 to find out where I am with it.

The plan is to scull it on Sunday morning from Tideway Sculler's School at around 10am. Come along and have a go. (Remember the clocks go forward on Saturday night).

The masters race takes place at 13.30, starting at Chiswick Bridge. Crews race to Putney then return to wherever they boated, usually. Quite a lot of participants go ot Vesta Rowing Club (the race organisers) at Putney afterwards to find out the results so on the Putney hard after the race is the most liekly place to find me again.

However, if everybody disperses as efficiently as they did after the Schools Head 10 days ago then I shall not be hanging around for long if there are no passers by. This is the only problem with these great head races in London from my point of view, that there is no one focal point. Quite rightly, from a competitor's point of view, the focus is on the start, the race, the finish and the efficient marshalling for safety. Most people get the results via the web after they get home.

Posted by Stephen Walker at March 24, 2006 09:54 AM